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VV Foundation: The PAiR Open Call Program

Deadline: June 30, 2021

VV Foundation announces the inaugural PAiR residency open call for art, culture and humanities professionals active in various fields and roles – artists, curators, researchers, thinkers, writers and others – from Nordic and Baltic states.

PAiR welcomes application proposals, which develop and engage with agencies, practices and methods, cultivating sustainable ways of being that draw from natural processes and rhythms. We aim to explore the diverse socio-environmental landscape of Pāvilosta, engaging with its rich fauna and flora, as well as its community and history. Structured as an open-ended process, PAiR welcomes the possibility of public presentation formats which would share the experience of the residency with others. PAiR offers the participation for two Latvian and two international professionals.

Offered by the residency:

The PAiR residency offers a studio, living space, access to library and gallery, curatorial support (at least two organised studio visits), provides administrative support and, if necessary, workshops, materials, tools and research resources. The PAiR Residency will cover the travel costs to and from Pāvilosta, as well as accommodation, administrative support and per diems.

How to Apply:

To apply, please send a single PDF by e-mail containing a conceptual presentation of your project (no more than 5,000 characters) with an indication about whether the specific project is research or process based and whether you require specific conditions and equipment (workshops, materials, etc.), as well as an indication of the desired residency period (ranging from 1 up to 3 months), your portfolio and CV.

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