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The Museum am Rothenbaum/ Kulturen und Künste der Welt /Arts and Design Residency

Deadline: July 30, 2021


We are looking for an artistic or (social) design project that explores strategies at the intersection of knowing and imagining and engages the museum’s holdings as a storehouse of ecological knowledge in the face of water-related effects of climate change. The envisaged project posits more emotional, affective or associative engagements with the questions surrounding caring for the world and its most vulnerable inhabitants and works closely with source and/or diasporic communities and their perspectives on these holdings. It reframes the museum’s holdings as a starting point for imagining utopian futures and/or prompting collective action and care in the face of our planet’s precarity.


Water, in the form of floods, droughts, or as a scarce, contested resource, plays a central role in the unpredictability of the climate crisis. Rising sea levels threaten to swallow coastal areas and island nations, and heavy rains inundate cities and rivers. Elsewhere, droughts and water pollution lead to drinking water shortages, species extinctions, and agricultural crop failures. Across our planet, conflicts arise due to competing claims to water access, use, and management. The responsibility and water-related impacts of the climate crisis are unequally distributed and indigenous and formerly colonized people are disproportionately burdened by its acute consequences. At the same time, many people not yet directly affected lack the imagination to reconcile the catastrophic predictions for our planet with their current realities and everyday experiences. How can we empathise with a future precarity that we cannot see and attempt to grasp the world in its planetary dimension and complex interdependencies?

Offered by the residency:

• Travel and subsistence: 4.000 € • Artist honorarium including production/material costs 11.000 € • Access to the museum’s holdings and archives • A work place within the museum

How to Apply:

Interested artists are invited to send their applications as one file of max. 5 MB to the following address by July 30, 2021: Please address all inquiries related to the application to Suy Lan Hopmann.

• Concept and anticipated outcome in relation to thematic focus (max. 2 A4 pages) • Cover letter, CV and portfolio with selected examples of previous practice • Contact details

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