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Deadline: August 2, 2022

Where: London, UK

Period: 1 month. November


National or international art practitioners based outside of London. Residency 11:11 is a queer women run organisation and we prioritise giving opportunities to queer artists and women artists.

Offered by the residency:

○ £500 artist fee ○ £150 budget towards travel ○ Curatorial support and project development ○ Accommodation for the duration of your residency: single room with private bathroom in shared flat in London (zone 2) ○ Space and time to reflect, research and test new ideas ○ Support in delivering a public presentation with one of our partner organizations at the end of the residency ○ 11:11’s network and London’s artistic landscape

How to Apply:

Please send all information attached to one email body to or email us here for any questions.

  1. Send us a brief outline of how you would spend your time in residence and if you have any thoughts on how your public presentation will take shape. We are interested in reflective/critical public events where ideas are shared and tested such as talks, screenings, readings, workshops, discussion groups etc. Maximum 1 A4 or max 5 min voice recording. Make sure to incorporate the following: ○ How will you be using your time in London? What, who or where will you be researching/exploring? ○ How will this experience benefit your practice? ○ What are you aiming to gain from the residency?

  2. Portfolio no longer than 10 pages (PDF) or slideshow/video showcase no longer than 5 min (Vimeo or Youtube link). Feel free to add text if this feels appropriate.

FOR MORE INFO: Residency 11:11

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