Artist Residency Program Berlin Wedding OPEN CALL until August 25, 2022

APPLICATION FORM (motivation letter, liability insurance, etc. See details below) Conditions of Participation in faq

Residency period: September 22 – October 6, 2022 early evening public open hours optional: minimal structure for sharing work/offers/feedback joint start September 22, 6 p.m. extension week KHBstudios by arrangement

The residency program is self-organized and self-funded.

Guest artists work self-organized on the projects they have brought with them and - optionally - together with the AG Minimales Reisen in the KHB studios , Berlin Wedding. The focus is on formats that test playing/experimenting with community - sometimes in a hybrid space. Each residency artist works in their personal genre (writing, drawing, photography, performance, object, action, etc.). The guest artists deal - sometimes together - with their own focus and possibly with the topic "minimal travel", they benefit from the exchange, hold public open hours and exhibit in the studio shop windows. There is room for:

  • 2 'stationary' guest artists* live and work in residential studios of the KHB studios .

  • 2 'ambulatory' local Berlin artists (living in Berlin) use the desk workplaces in the shop window room of the KHB studios .

'Stationary' offer: – 14 days Berlin in a single studio** – preferred: non-Berlin: inside – artist talks, meetings*** – obligatory: open hour*** every:s tn. Artists - optional: 2 writing excursions "parallel protocol" according to - optional: joint use of the studio shop window - exhibition space - optional: 1 room travel offer according to - your contribution: 450€ (plus electricity, approx 6€/week (according to consumption)) 'Outpatient' offer: – 14 days Berlin Wedding, desk space in the shared studio – preferred: local Berlin: inside – artist talks, daily meetings*** – obligatory: Open Hour*** every:s tn. Artists, including joint use of the studio shop windows - exhibition space - obligatory: 2 writing excursions "parallel protocol" according to - optional: 1 room travel offer according to Your contribution: 150€

Inquiries are welcome by email to buero (at) kunsthallebelow de

Artists Our calls for applications are aimed at new and professional artists of all ages. Networking is important to us, so knowledge of the English language is an advantage. The KHBstudios are an open, lively and tolerant place that is under construction - applicants should welcome the simplicity on site (minimal kitchen and bathroom equipment, no WiFi), a talent for improvisation, social skills, not afraid of guests and an interest in the Link to the Berliner AG Minimales Reisen . In the event that they are selected, the applicants undertake to transfer the contribution promptly and to take all necessary measures in good time in order to start their stay at the KHB at the agreed time. Applicants give the KHB Collection a contribution (copy) at the end of their stay. Hosting an open hour is part of the residency.

OPEN CALL until August 1, 2022 APPLICATION FORM In addition to the obligatory submission of the application form, we ask you to provide proof that you have liability insurance and your small 'letter of motivation', which deals with the following content: What do you intend to do/not do? Is there a specific project/topic? Do you have a specific plan for your stay? Please give us an insight into what drives you to work artistically. Is there anything in the residency description that you don't want to be a part of? Do you already have an idea for your open hour? Please do not write more than one page and complete your text, if available, with your website/your profiles that can be found online and/or a portfolio as a pdf. Please email your motivation to

Visa? All participants arriving from abroad are responsible for obtaining the necessary visas themselves. You should contact your embassy well in advance. Please inform yourself about the conditions before you apply. KHB can issue a letter confirming participation in the residency program once you have paid all fees.

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