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Deadline: August 20, 2021

Where: Košice, Slovakia

Period: 1 October – 29 November 2021


This residency seeks to create a platform for a media artist from one of the UNESCO Creative Cities to develop their artistic project. It is an opportunity to develop a new project or continue working on a project that is already in development by shifting its perspective and embracing the open call’s topic – HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY


In 2021, the residency program focuses on connecting individuals and sharing the responsibility to the world in the time of crisis. The project aims not only to analyze the current situation but also to look critically at its consequences and the near and distant future. We are all experiencing the very personal and often emotional impact of a global crisis – environmental, economic, social, pandemic, and so on. Many of us are experiencing feelings of fear and anxiety, vulnerability, or environmental sadness.It is essential to think about the environment in which we live and communicate with other living organisms. Living space for people is constantly expanding.

Our way of life is shaped by capitalism and it affects and irreversibly disrupts fragile ecosystems following the beginning of an impending catastrophe. For the daily running of the world, unlimited mobility of people and goods is necessary. We must take this into account to protect it and the next generation and to be able to adapt to existing and new challenges.The year 2020 brought, together with the pandemic, the term “social distance.” What does this term mean, what are its consequences? Isn’t this just a time for connection,cooperation, and solidarity? We must focus on building and supporting future relations during and after the crisis, looking for new or different forms of political and cultural group activities and coexistence. Especially during the global crisis, emphasis must be placed on protecting the human rights of all citizens. The state of emergency and the preservation of public health can be used as an excuse for the segregation of minorities. That is why we should try to strengthen the position of minorities, improve their self-image and expose the stereotypes that are still present in the thinking of the majority of the population. Topic: Human Responsibility

Offered by the residency:

  • Scholarship of 2000 €

  • Covering transportation costs to and from Košice

  • Providing accommodation in Košice

  • Access to the studio at KAIR Budget for technical production (up to 4000 €)

  • Opportunity to participate in the art and community life of the city and to promote your own work in Košice

  • Instagram B&W
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