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Art Competition | Muenzenberg Forum


August 30, 2021


Disciplines: Photography, film and collage Location: All


Application Fee: None


Monetary: 3x up to €5,000 prizes in each category Exhibition: At FMP1, Berlin, Germany in October, 2021


✓ Artwork ✓ CV ✓ Project Description


For the sixth time we announce the art competition in three different categories – photography, film and collage. This year´s motto is:

„Modern means of communication give power.“

This sentence by H.G. Wells is quoted by Edward Bernays book „Propaganda“, published in 1928. He is considered as the founder of modern public relations in political and corporate communication. At that time, the author have already had a career as a propagandist for the entry of the U.S. into the I. World War and used his experience for the election of an American president and increasing cigarette, book or truck sales for politics and advertising. „Propaganda“ became the standard work of PR.

In the year the book was published, the Workers International Relief (WIR) and the magazine „ArbeiterIllustrierteZeitung“ (AIZ), both founded by Willi Münzenberg, had existed for seven years. In the struggle for solidarity, education, mass mobilization and self-empowerment, both rely on the use of modern means of advertising. Important in this was the conquest of modern means of communication such as photographs, collages, reportages, films, plays, belletristic texts, drawings, etc.. They consistently follow the rules of PR campaign development listed by Bernays.

At the same time, the Nazi-Party (NSDAP), especially in the person of Joseph Goebbels, appropriated the same instruments, approved the means and symbols of left-wing mobilization and put them at the service of its reactionary ideology. Willi Münzenberg will analyze and expose these mechanisms of fascist propaganda in his 1937 writing „Propaganda as a Weapon“ in Paris exile. He calls for an offensive of counter-propaganda. His call comes too late.

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of IAH and WIR. It is the time of a long-lasting pandemic and waypoint of important political decisions. An important year for the future.

How to Apply

Information: Willi Muenzenberg Forum website

Apply: Send by email to: or


Name: Franz-Mehring Platz Email:

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